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Kinetex Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC Columns

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The Core-Shell Advantage

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Average Rating 4.5

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Outstanding separations no matter the conditions.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


Kinetex columns are quite useful for antioxidizing agents such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxiquin and others. Even with drastic changes, separations are very good.

Review Date: 11 Apr 2024 | Phenomenex Inc

Expect superior results from this product!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


I was introduced to this product over 10 years ago, I have been very pleased with the results. The technical support that Phenomenex offers is superb. I recommend this product and the services of Phenomenex to anyone who are looking for positive results in the separation chemistry field.

Review Date: 6 Feb 2023 | Phenomenex Inc

good results


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Method development

We used this for quick method development for new difficult metabolites as we have short length which is easier to work with.

Review Date: 24 Oct 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Superb performance and fabulous reproducibility


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Efficient separation of plant metabolites

Kintex columns are capable of separating plant metabolites with great sensitivity and better resolution. We usually get reproducible results.

Review Date: 28 Sept 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Robust columns!


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze cosmetic products

These columns are robust and last for years as long as you take good care of them. The validation kits are great because they come with different batches of the same column which is perfect for method validation testing.

Review Date: 26 Sept 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Great tech for low level LC separations


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Low level impurity analysis for small molecule drug products

The core-shell technology in general has really helped make my method development and validation projects easier. Using the UHPLC particle sizes, I've been able to reliably separate multiple impurities (9 impurities was my highest so far) in a robust assay and impurities method with less than 10 minutes run time. Very reliable product and Phenomenex is always great for customer service.

Review Date: 1 Apr 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Great result


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Pharmaceuticals raw & finished products, vitamins, aflatoxins

Good resolution with a short time

Review Date: 1 Apr 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Great column


Average Rating 4.7

Application Area:

Pharmaceutical product analysis

A well made, easy to maintain column that produces consistent results.

Review Date: 21 Jan 2022 | Phenomenex Inc

Great selectivity and separation for my compounds of interest.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:


I found that the Kinetex F5 column provides unique selectivity when analyzing pesticides and other slightly polar analytes, especially some of these analytes that contains phosphorous. Alternate selectivity compared to the traditional C18 or C8 chemistry.

Review Date: 22 Oct 2021 | Phenomenex Inc

Excellent outcome and must have item for HPLC users.


Average Rating 4.3

Application Area:

These columns are unique to provide UPLC experience in LC while working on HPLC.

Robust, stable, precise and analyst friendly technology. Most usable for HPLC users to gain results like UPLC.

Review Date: 1 Oct 2021 | Phenomenex Inc

Kinetex Core-Shell Technology delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency over conventional fully porous media which can be leveraged to increase resolution, greatly improve productivity, reduce solvent consumption, and decrease costs.

Whether you are running HPLC or UHPLC methods, the Kinetex core-shell family can deliver shockingly improved performance over the current column you are using. Phenomenex designs, manufactures, and sells its very own silica and organo-silica core-shell particles. The combination of a consistent, solid high density core along with proprietary column packing technologies ensures optimum bed structure and high column performance.

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Kinetex PAH

Phenomenex Inc

Kinetex PAH is the first polymerically bonded C18 core-shell column developed specifically for the analysis of PAHs from a wide variety of matrices. It can be used on both HPLC and UHPLC instrumentation and will easily shorten method run times, while improving overall resolution and sensitivity. To ensure a high standard of quality for the analysis of PAHs, Kinetex PAH is QC tested for the EPA 610 set of PAHs from water.

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