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Capillary Electrophoresis » Capillary Electrophoresis Systems, Complete Systems, Detectors, Capillary Electrophoresis Accessories, Software

DNA Sequencing » Nucleotides (dNTPs), Gentic Identity Kits, Sequencing Cleanup Kits, Library Preparation Automation, Sequencing Software, Sequencing Buffers, DNA / RNA Libraries and Reference Standards, Sample Collection, DNA Sequencer / Genetic Analyzer , Primers, Sequencing Services

DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification » DNA Purification Columns, Automated Extraction/ Purification Supplies, DNA/RNA Extraction and Purification Services, Purification and Extraction Buffers, Magnetic Bead Separator, DNA/RNA Polishing and Cleanup Kits, Magnetic Separation Beads, Nucleic Acid Purification and Extraction Instruments, DNA Filter Plates , Magnetic Racks and Devices, Automated DNA/RNA Purification Kits, DNA/RNA Isolation Reagents, High Throughput DNA/RNA Purification Workstations, Vacuum Manifolds, DNA/RNA Purification Kits

Electron Microscopy » Electron Microscopes, Electron Microscopy Accessories

Electrophoresis » Capillary Electrophoresis Systems , Automated Electrophoresis Kits, Stains, Gel Drying Equipment, Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing, Ladders and Markers, Capillary Electrophoresis Accessories, Electrophoresis Gels, Membranes, Detection Instruments, Automated Electrophoresis Systems, Electrophoresis Buffers, Restriction Enzymes, Capillary Electrophoresis Kits, Electrophoresis Software, Electrophoresis Power Supplies, Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA), Gel Casting Equipment, Gel Electrophoresis Chambers

Evidence Collection & Analysis » Recoverable Materials, Fingerprints and Markings, Presumptive Testing Body Fluids, Forensic Light Sources, Forensic Genetic Analysis, Drugs and Narcotics

Gas Chromatography » Recording Equipment, Systems, Software, Components, Column Accessories, Detectors, GC Research Services, Supplies, Columns, GC / MS

GC-MS » Services, GC/MS Software, GC, Accessories, Recording Equipment, GC/MS Systems

HPLC & UHPLC » HPLC Pumps, Services, HPLC Column Accessories, Column Packing Material, HPLC Software and Recording Equipment, Detectors, HPLC Systems, HPLC Columns, HPLC Accessories and Components

Infrared / FTIR » Infra-Red (IR), FTIR

Light Microscopy » Microscopes, Microscopy Accessories, Microscopy Cameras, Microscopy Software, Imaging Systems

Liquid Handling » 1536 Multichannel, 1-8 Channel, 384 Multichannel, Ultra Low Volume Dispensing, Microplate Systems, 3456 Multichannel, Liquid Handling Verification/Quality Control (QC), 96 Multichannel


Mass Spectrometry » Secondary Ion (SIMS), Gas Analysis, Isotope Ratio, Time of Flight (TOF), Quadrupole, Elemental Analysis, ICP-MS, Magnetic Sector, Mass Spectrometry Software , Fourier Transform, Ion Trap, Accessories, Nebulizers

Near InfraRed » FT-NIR Spectrometers, Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectroscopy, Near Infrared (NIR) Software, Near Infrared (NIR) Services, General Near Infrared (NIR), Near Infrared (NIR) Accessories

NMR » Software, NMR, NMR Research Services

Oligonucleotides » Nucleic Acid Detection System, Reference Materials/Research Services, Services, Reagents, Oligonucleotide Kits, Oligonucleotides

PCR and Thermal Cycling » Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Systems, PCR Accessories, Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Mastermixes and Kits, Real-Time Reverse Transcription PCR (qRT-PCR) Mastermixes and Kits, Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Diagnostic Assays, PCR Arrays, Clinical Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Systems, Thermal Cyclers, Methylation PCR Kits, PCR Services, PCR Reagents, DNA / RNA Libraries and Reference Standards, PCR Software, PCR Consumables, PCR Mastermixes and Kits, Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) Systems, Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR) / cDNA Synthesis Kits, Automated PCR Setup, Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) Kits, Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA) Kits

Safety Equipment » Personal Protection, Safety Equipment

SNPs » SNPs Typing, SNPs Research Services, SNPs Software, SNPs Kits

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) » Automation Accessories, Application Development Kits, SPE Sorbents, SPE Manifolds, Automated Equipment, SPE Disks, Cartridges, SPE Method Development, SPE systems, Collecting Plates, Extraction Plates, Vacuum Manifolds, Reservoir Trays

Thin Layer Chromatography » Recording Equipment, Coatings, Preparative Apparatus, Sprayers, Software, Developing Chambers, Applicators, Scraping Devices, Coating Equipment, Dipping Chambers, Plates, Glass, Densitometers, Sorbents

Toxicology / Drugs of Abuse Testing » Blood Chemistry Analyzers, Drugs of Abuse Immunoassays, Toxicology Presumptive Test Kits

UV / Visible » Refractometers and Accessories, Reflectance Spectroscopy, Visible, Luminometers, Diode Array, UV / Photoelectron Equipment, Flame Photometers, Software, Ultra-Violet - Visible (UV-Vis) Spectroscopy, Colorimeters, Laser Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometers

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