Advances in materials characterization, from graphene production and correlative imaging to transmission Raman spectroscopy

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2 Jun 2021
Carrie Haslam
Associate Editor

Materials characterization delivers a deeper understanding of the structure and properties associated with a given material at the atomic scale. Characterization tools can provide important insight into the optical, morphological, electrical, thermal, and magnetic characteristics of a material. Understanding the structure and properties of the material will not only help accelerate materials science forward, but also improve the performance of future products used in clinical diagnostics, environmental science, and beyond. Technological developments and discoveries in the field of materials science have shaped the methods and tools now used to characterize a range of materials, from 2D nanomaterials, ceramics, and polymers, to bulk materials.

In this new special feature, we take a look at some of the latest technologies and techniques advancing materials science and characterization, providing insight into the production of pristine graphene films, transmission Raman spectroscopy, correlative imaging, particle and image analysis, tare volume recommendations, atomic force microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy tools, to help you probe and measure the structure and properties of a material like never before. Plus, don't miss the exclusive free SelectScience Materials Characterization Webinar Series, starting on Monday, June 7, 2021.

TRANSMISSION RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY: Quantitative analysis of warfarin

Find out how to use transmission Raman spectroscopy (TRS) for the effective quantification of warfarin in tablet form, and discover how TRS can differentiate and quantify two forms of warfarin without sample preparation to enable fast quantitative bulk analysis, with Agilent.

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2D MATERIALS: The power behind correlative imaging

Find out more about the power of correlative Raman imaging and discover how this technique can function as an effective tool to characterize the crystal properties of a range of 2D materials, with WITec GmbH.

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TARE VOLUME: Achieving high accuracy just got easier

Find out how to select the most appropriate tare volume for your application, to generate accurate, repeatable, and reproducible results, and discover the tare volume recommendations for high-accuracy (HIAC) systems with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

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GRAPHENE: Now able to go mainstream

Hear from Dr. Marco Caffio at Integrated Graphene to discover his pioneering work on graphene production, and how his team has found a winning formula to manufacture pristine, reproducible graphene at surprisingly low cost.

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TIMED-RELEASE DRUG: Combining particle & image analysis

Discover how Microtrac MRB’s SYNC system unites two measurement technologies, laser diffraction particle size and image analysis instrumentation, to deliver full characterization of powders, granulates and suspensions.

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EXPERT WEBINAR: Making the most of your microscope

Dr. Louise Hughes, Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, reveals the SEM tools available to biologists for the analysis of plants, tissues, cells and organelles, and explains how to adjust microscope imaging conditions to optimize data acquisition.

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WONDER MATERIALS: Correlating graphene’s functional properties via AFM

Discover how atomic force microscopy offers a holistic approach to the nanoscale characterization of graphene and other 2D materials, in this expert application note from Park Systems.

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Hear from the experts

Biomaterials: Prof. Silke Christiansen, Fraunhofer Institute, describes how she explores the mechanical properties of bone to help better treat osteoporosis and highlights the technological advances enabling new insights. Read article >>

Biosensing: Dr. Jacqueline Barnett and Dr. Joel Allainguillaume, University of the West of England (UWE), discuss their work to develop handheld detectors to combat the spread of cacao swollen shoot virus and arrest the decline in the cocoa industry. Read article >>

Graphene biosensors: Dr. Shakil Awan, University of Plymouth, outlines the challenges and urgency of early Alzheimer’s disease detection and explains why graphene and 2D materials are highly suitable as biosensors. Watch video >>

3D Printing: Professor Tim Long, Virginia Tech University, explains how 3D printing is enabling scientists to envision next-generation polymers with novel properties and vast applications. Watch video >>

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