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Park NX20 AFM

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High-Resloution Atomic Force Microscope for academic and industrial large sample research and failure analysis

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Park NX20 is an AFM platform for all Research Laboratories dealing with samples up to 200mm. From academic applications via Semiconductors and Failure Analysis, NX20 offers unique features such as accurate and reproducible measurements with decoupled XY scanning system, surface roughness measurements with Low Noise Z Detector, True Non-Contact™ Mode ensuring tip sharpness for surface roughness accuracy, wide range of high resolution scanning modes and modular design. NX20 is widely used the semiconductor and hard disk industry for its data accuracy and reproducible measurements improving productivity standards analytcial efficieny.

Key Technical Features:

  • 2D Flexure-Guided Scanner with 100 µm x 100 µm Scan Range
  • High Speed Z Scanner with 15 µm Scan Range
  • Low Noise XYZ Position Sensor
  • Motorized XY Sample Stage with Optional Encoders
  • Step-and-Scan Automation
  • Accessible Sample Holder
  • Expansion Slot for Advanced SPM Modes and Options
  • Direct On-Axis High Powered Optics with Integrated LED Illumination
  • Auto Engage by Slide-to-Connect SLD Head
  • Vertically Aligned Motorized Z Stage and Focus Stage
  • High Speed 24-bit Digital Electronics

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