How to Buy Multiplexing Technology


Multiplexing is the process of measuring multiple analytes simultaneously from a single sample in a single experimental run. In this eBook, we present numerous multiplex assay technologies, ranging from bead-based assays to solid-phase microarrays, so you can make an informed decision on the best choice for your laboratory.

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With a demand for measuring more analytes with smaller amounts of precious or rare samples, multiplex assay technologies help maximize sample use, while saving time and money.  In this third edition eBook, you can discover the underlying assay principles and detection methods for top multiplex assay technologies, ranging from bead-based assays to solid-phase microarrays:

How to buy cell imaging technology

Contents of this eBook:

  • What is multiplexing? 
  • The multiplexing workflow 
  • Types of multiplexing platforms 
  • Proteome ProfilerTM Antibody Arrays 
  • xMAP bead-based immunoassays 
  • EllaTM platform 
  • R-plex and U-plex assays 
  • Single-molecule arrays (Simoa) 
  • nCounter 
  • FirePlex 
  • Simoa planar arrays 
  • Specialist biomarker panels 
  • Barcoded magnetic beads  
  • Microarray analyzers 
  • Summary and acknowledgements 
  • Editors picks 

Editor's Picks

Editor ImageMatt McArdle

Ella (ProteinSimple)

Product image

5 out of 5

“The Ella is very user friendly, both with regard to the hands-on part with the cartridges and the software. Getting highly accurate, rapid, data using...”
Jonatan Dereke, Lund Univsersity

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SensoSpot® Fluorescence red/green (Miltenyi Imaging GmbH)

Product image

5 out of 5

“We have purchased over 100 of these instruments over the last several years. This imager is extremely robust, despite heavy use in challenging conditi...”
Kevin O'Brien, PathogenDx

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MAGPIX® Multiplexing Instrument (Luminex)

Product image

5 out of 5

“Cytokine measurements using small volumes of serum or plasma are possible, and besides availability in the market already for years, the ease of use a...”
Gunnar Wichmann, ENT Research Lab, University of Leipzig

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SECTOR® Imager 6000 (Meso Scale Discovery)

Product image

4 out of 5

“The electrochemiluminescence read-out has a strong signal with very low background. The system works in a wide range of concentrations. It has excelle...”
Ester Fernandez, Allergen Inc

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