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How to Buy Microplate Readers

13 Mar 2024
Sarah Thomas
Administrator / Office Personnel

Microplate reader technologies are continuing to evolve to meet the demands of popular applications, such as disease research and therapeutic development, and to automate, streamline, and improve the efficiency of these experiments through optimized systems. In this free eBook download, we guide you through buying a new microplate reader by providing expert insight and all the information you should consider to select the best technology for your lab.

Choose the best microplate reader for your applications

Image of the 2022 SelectScience How to Buy Microplate Readers eBook front cover

Reliable, high-quality microplate readers are available for a vast array of applications in life sciences, drug discovery and assay development and can help to save researchers time and reduce laboratory costs by improving and streamlining routine lab processes. Download the SelectScience How to Buy Microplate Readers eBook to find out more about:

Key features of single-mode and multi-mode microplate readers

  • Different microplate reader detection modes and capabilities — absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence to TR-FRET, BRET and AlphaScreen
  • The best technologies for your application workflow — from protein and nucleic acid quantification, to ELISAs and enzyme kinetics, to 3D cell culture assays, live-cell imaging and virology applications
  • Key considerations when choosing a new microplate reader
  • Top tips from industry experts
  • Future trends in microplate reader technology
  • Our science editors’ picks of some of the latest microplate readers on the market