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How to Buy Next Generation Sequencing Technology

23 May 2024
Dora Wells
Content Creator

Due to remarkable advances in genetic sequencing technology, researchers now have an abundance of tools at their disposal. From first-generation Sanger sequencing to next-generation or massively parallel sequencing, your choice of technique and technology must first and foremost complement your chosen application and help answer your specific research questions.

How to Buy Next Generation Sequencing Technology

As sequencing technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented speed, its potential to inform disease research, diagnostics, therapeutics, and patient care is only increasing. If you are looking to invest in NGS technology to upgrade your research, this How to Buy Next-Generation Sequencing Technology guide will provide you with the essential information you need to assist your decisions. Learn about the key platform technologies, considerations for sample preparation, NGS software, key application areas, the future for NGS, and a case study of NGS in cancer research.

Download to explore:

  • Key NGS considerations
    • Nucleic acid extraction
    • Library preparation
    • DNA sequencing
    • Data analysis & interpretation
    • Automation
    • Quality control
  • Case study: NGS in cancer research
  • Summary
  • Editor’s picks