Understanding Small Molecule Interactions within Living Systems with Mass Spectrometry Imaging
06 Feb 2018

In biomedical research, understanding the mechanisms of life processes and disease is critical to the long-term goal of improving human health. In this webinar, hear two exciting talks discussing how MSI can add an extra dimension of data in microbiology and early phase pharma efficacy and toxicity studies.

Professor Malcolm R Clench, from the Centre for Mass Spectrometry Imaging at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, will discuss the combination of MSI and three-dimensional cell culture systems to provide insights in three areas, including the study of penetration enhancers on the absorption of an anti-fungal agent in a living skin equivalent model, the utility of MSI in the development of a novel wound healing model and the effect of doxorubicin in a novel 3D model of osteosarcoma. Quantitative MSI (QMSI) for active compounds and biomarkers of response will be shown.

Professor John A. McLean, Stevenson Professor of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University, USA, will present technologies, methodologies and results using MSI to study the molecular components of inter- and intra-colony chemical signaling and communication in bacteria, and will demonstrate the unique ability of this technology to rapidly facilitate the discovery of new natural products.