Tackle the FFPE Hurdle - Make RNA Sequencing Actionable in Oncology
23 Apr 2018

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) from FFPE samples is considered more challenging than DNA sequencing because RNA is more labile than DNA to be compromised in the FFPE process. Furthermore, a key component to analyze RNA-seq data involves quantification to interpret the data in a clinical context, adding one more variable, compared to the more binary DNA analysis for mutations. Finally, it is well known that more fragmented RNA produces more artifacts, such as amplification bias, in the dataset. In this presentation, Gitte Pedersen, CEO and Co-Founder of Genomic Expression, will discuss: How her team achieves highly reproducible data utilizing RNA extraction from FFPE tissue How RNA-seq can lead to life saving treatment decisions How RNA-seq can become a more important marker species than DNA

Beckman Coulter