Pressing Matters – A Guide to Sample Preparation for XRF, FTIR and More
25 Jul 2017

In this interactive webinar, you will learn the basics of sample preparation for XRF, FTIR and other analytical techniques requiring pelletized samples. Hear expert advice on the samples you can analyse using these techniques and why pellet preparation is important to optimize results. There will also be a discussion on the applications and challenges of pressing pellets and test specimens for XRF, FTIR and more.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why pellet preparation is so important and the effect it has on the spectrum
  • Make sample preparation choice easy by learning how specific applications utilize different press equipment
  • Discover the advantages of programmable presses in reducing sample variability and take the stress out of finding the right preparation regime
Who Should Attend:
Laboratory staff and managers working with FTIR, XRF, or other analytical techniques requiring pelletized samples. Researchers and lead scientists working with FTIR or XRF, fabricating novel prototypes and composites, or performing other applications requiring compressive loads in a laboratory setting.

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