Online 2D-LC Analysis of Complex N-Glycans in Biopharmaceuticals
31 May 2016

Complex glycosylation pattern with differently branched and charged glycans can be resolved with a combination of hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) and weak anion exchange chromatography (WAX), enabling highly orthogonal separation. Comprehensive 2D-LC analysis with HILIC in the first and WAX in the second dimension facilitates high-resolution 2D chromatography, together with simultaneous charge profiling.

In addition, multiple heart-cutting 2D-LC analysis, combining WAX and HILIC separation, provides a flexible alternative whereby the user can select multiple peaks to be analyzed in the second dimension, and also run longer gradients.

In this webinar, Sonja Schneider, Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies, will discuss:

  • Different online 2D-LC concepts for the high-resolution analysis of complex N-linked glycans in biopharmaceuticals using 2D-LC with fluorescence and MS detection
  • The benefits of multiple heart-cutting 2D-LC analysis as an alternative to current methods
  • Tips to improve the separation and resolution of glycans in your biopharmaceutical workflow

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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