New Acquisition and Detection Modes with ZEISS Airyscan
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Learn about two new detection and acquisition strategies for the ZEISS Airyscan detection module for laser scanning microscopy. ZEISS Airyscan, a new detector concept designed for improved laser scanning confocal microscopy, enables the simultaneous increase of both resolution and signal-to-noise ratio over traditional confocal imaging. Both modes – sensitivity and two-photon – extend the Airyscan benefits of resolution and signal-to-noise ratio to address more sample types.

Joseph Huff, Product Marketing Manager for Laser Scanning and Superresolution Microscopy for ZEISS Microscopy, will discuss:

  • The use of Airyscan to increase performance of laser scanning microscopy systems on samples, including cell spheroids, Drosophila brain and live cells.
  • How the sensitivity mode can be used to increase acquisition speeds while maintaining signal-to-noise ratio.
  • How Airyscan can be combined with two-photon excitation to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and resolution of thick and scattering samples.

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