Multiplexed Illumina® Sequencing: Eliminating False Positives by Mitigating Sample Misalignment
11 Apr 2018

Have you come across problems with your multiplex next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms? Are you keen to iron out false positives in your results? Or are you simply interested NGS technology? Watch this free webinar in which Brad Hehli, NGS scientist of Bioo Scientific, Perkin Elmer, will discuss how to avoid sample misalignment and streamline your multiplex NGS workflows for improved data sensitivity and specificity.

NGS has revolutionized our understanding of the molecular landscape that underpins health and disease. The non-sanger-based sequencing technique enables researchers to rapidly analyze many millions of sequences in one run, for high-throughput processing of samples that accelerates both clinical diagnostic and translational research sequencing applications.

A requirement of the multiplexing process during NGS is the correct assignment of index sequences with their corresponding libraries. Index misalignment can lead to the production of false positives and is particularly detrimental to sensitive applications, such as copy number variation and SNP detection.

It has been shown that Illumina® sequencing instruments featuring patterned flow cells with exclusion amplification technology are especially susceptible to this issue.

However, unique dual indexing strategies are designed to specifically mitigate index hopping or the spread of signal phenomenon associated with Illumina® platforms that utilize a patterned flow cell. This strategy employs two unique index sequences for sample identification which, when used together, enables mis-assigned index reads to be identified and removed.

This free webinar will focus on:

  • Issues caused by sequencing artifacts
  • How to improve sequencing data accuracy
  • How to avoid sample misassignment

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, and a learning outcomes summary document for continuing education purposes.

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