Innovations in Laboratory Efficiency and Analytical Workflows: Error-Free Vial Labeling, Time-Saving Modularity, and Integrated Data Handling
23 Feb 2017

When it comes to making sure your lab runs efficiently and effectively, simplicity of use and robustness of operation are absolutely vital. Getting reliable and accurate data across your laboratory workflow with analytical instruments provides the dependability that your lab requires.

Watch the webinar series to learn:

  • How to label a vial in just five seconds and improve labeling efficiencies
  • How to switch GC-MS ionization modes (CI to EI) in approximately five minutes
  • How to acquire, store, report, and share chromatographic and MS data within and across multiple sites, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting
Part I: How to Keep Your Sample Tracking Error-Free

Stewart Fairlie, Staff Engineer, Seagate Technology, will describe how Seagate Technology is utilizing an innovative Vial Identification System for error-free sample tracking. Dave Edwards, Vials & Closures, Thermo Fisher Scientific, will discuss the growing need for laboratories to validate processes and workflows as regulatory requirements tighten. Learn about the current flaws in data integrity and defensibility of analytical results, and how you can improve vial identification in your lab.

Part II: Integrated Data Management at Shell Martinez Refinery

Robert Carroll, Manager of Control Systems Engineering, Shell Martinez Refinery, will talk about how the refinery is utilizing informatics solutions to integrate on-line spectroscopy with laboratory data to produce a database for spectral analysis and model building on a large scale.

Part III: Robustness and Time-Saving Innovations in GC-MS and Chemical Process Applications

Joe Wusnack, Senior Development Chemist, Cornerstone Chemical, will discuss recent advances in GC-MS innovations and the advantage it provides for enhancement of process efficiencies, along with instrument calibration and tuning robustness for the analysis of intermediate acrylamide products.

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