How to Screen and Identify Unexpected and Unwanted Compounds in Food with the SweEt Multiresidue Method
19 Apr 2018

As more and more new food compounds are being developed and deployed around the world, contaminants not in target lists can appear in products through environmental or manufacturing contamination or misuse. This makes it essential that food safety laboratories stay vigilant for an ever-increasing number of analytes to screen for, and for new, unexpected and unwanted compounds.

This webinar will address the challenge of finding an efficient workflow for both targeted and non-targeted compounds and demonstrate a next-generation workflow for more efficient control of unexpected and unwanted compounds in food. The Swedish Ethyl acetate multiresidue method (SweEt), coupled with a high-resolution mass spectrometer offers:

  • Advanced tools that make the identification and quantitation possible
  • The ability to screen for several compound groups at the same time, in the same sample
  • A validated and accredited method to screen for around 500 pesticides in fruits and vegetables, 300 in cereals and around 100 in animal-derived products
  • Quantitation with ddMS2 and vDIA*

Key learning objectives
From this webinar, you will learn about:
  • The SweEt multiresidue generic method as a complete workflow solution
  • Identification of unknown compounds in food with the Thermo Scientific™Compound Discoverer ™ software and Thermo Scientific™Orbitrap™ mass analyzer technology
  • Screening and quantitation of compounds with Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software and Orbitrap mass analyzer technology

This webinar is a must if you:
  • Work in a food safety laboratory, are a food chemist or small molecule scientist
  • Work with high-resolution accurate mass analysis
  • Work with targeted and non-targeted analysis

* vDIA method is not available in the United States.

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