How to Optimize Your Cell Culture with the Ideal CO2 Incubator
28 Mar 2019

The ideal CO2 incubator must meet all important cell culture requirements: perfect growth conditions, convenient operation, and infallible anti-contamination procedures. Reliable cell growth is provided by homogeneous temperature, consistent gas mixture for optimal pH, and high steady-state humidity to minimize evaporation of the medium. Contamination safety is achieved through simple interior cleaning, a reliable humidity management system for dry inner chamber walls, and an effective 180 °C sterilization cycle for regular “biological resets”.

The best designed incubator provides a large inner volume, low height for convenient operation of stacked chambers and a small footprint. Additional features — such as oxygen control and divided inner doors — are essential for more demanding applications.

Aimed at those working with cell-based assays on a regular basis, this expert-led webinar will guide you through the concepts of seamless cell culture, and how the incubator you use can affect both workflow efficiency and the integrity of precious cell lines and samples.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how CO2 incubators can affect cell culture workflows and downstream applications
  • Acknowledge the factors that influence reliable cell growth
  • Understand why, and how, contamination safety is achieved
  • Be able to discuss the technology that can optimize cell culture

  • Would should attend
    • Cell culture lab staff