How to Improve Your Ion Chromatography Sample Preparation - in One Easy Step
03 Dec 2018

Ion Chromatography (IC) is a versatile and proven method for ion analysis. It enables the accurate and precise analysis of anions, cations, amines, organic acids, carbohydrates and amino acids in virtually any matrix. However, efficient sample preparation is of vital importance to protect the column and benefit from maximum system lifetime.

This webinar will present inline dialysis as a solution for analyzing complex sample matrices such as particulate samples, colloids, and protein containing samples. Metrohm Inline Dialysis is a fully automated sample preparation technique that replaces time consuming manual dialysis steps. With the improved dialysis cell, you are able to perform sample preparation faster than ever before with only a minimum of sample volume required.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to automate and streamline manual IC sample preparation steps into a fully automated sample prep method
  • How the Metrohm patented dialysis technique works in detail
  • The impact of improvements to the dialysis cell

Who Should Attend:

Everybody interested in ion chromatography who would like to know more about:

  • Sample preparation of emulsified and protein containing samples like dairy beverages
  • Inline sample preparation technique: dialysis The improved dialysis cell from Metrohm

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