High-Throughput Screening of Affimer Proteins for Use as Affinity Ligands Using a Label-Free Technology
14 Feb 2018

Affimer proteins are next-generation affinity scaffolds with potential applications as novel biotherapeutics and renewable research and diagnostic tools.

Using phage display technology, Affimer binders have been identified to a wide range of targets, including highly selective binders to Zika NS1, Toxin B and monoclonal therapeutic antibodies such as Trastuzumab.

The Affimer scaffold has properties, such as straightforward formation of fusion proteins, ease of production, speed to discovery, specificity and stability, that are supportive for the development of a range of applications such as generation of novel affinity chromatography resins and “immunoassays” for biomarkers where traditional technologies are limiting.

XelPleX, a label-free interaction analysis system, is used as a screening tool to assess binding of Affimers to the target of interest.

This webinar will explore:

  • Affimers as highly stable and specific binders for specific targets such as toxins and monoclonal therapeutic antibodies and how they can be formatted for use in applications such as affinity chromatography and ELISA
  • An overview of the high benefit of using the SPRi as a screening tool
  • How the use of a label-free technology allows for high-throughput screening of Affimer specificity, affinity and stability.

HORIBA Scientific