Grow the Perfect Seed - Phenotyping with Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometry
19 Jul 2018

The planet will need to feed 10 billion people by 2050, by which point global feed crop demand is expected to double. In addition, seasonal droughts and climate change will require healthier, more resilient plants. The solution: develop the perfect seed.

Carbon stable (d13C) isotope composition of CO2 is an indicator of water use efficiency and response to drought in crops. To bring more robust crops to market therefore, we need to understand the environmental drivers of variation in carbon isotopes, and the conditions that modify this in plants.

In this webinar, Dr. Magda Mandic will discuss crop phenotyping with isotype ratio infrared spectrometry to accelerate research in this field. With a strong background in mass and laser absorption spectrometry, Mandic will discuss how this technology is enabling smart seed production for a healthier, sustainable food future.

Who should attend?

  • Plant breeding companies
  • Seed producers
  • Agrigenomics companies
  • Agronomy companies

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