Eliminating False Positives and Negatives: Correctly Report Results the First Time
04 Dec 2017

This webinar provides a detailed overview of how high-resolution mass spectrometry and data acquisition using a 'catch all compound' acquisition scan mode can reduce instances of reporting false positives and negatives. You will also learn about highly curated data bases and the critical role they play in the data review process. Following this, the quantitative performance of QTOF systems will be presented, demonstrating they are the equal to most triple quadrupole systems. 

Key learning objectives:

  • Detailed overview of how accurate mass systems acquire 'catch all compound' or broad band CID acquisition mode
  • The importance of using highly curated data bases including retention time information
  • The quantitative performance of modern QTOF systems
  • Performance criteria in meeting the relevant guidelines across food, forensic and environmental applications
Who should attend?
If you are an analyst or scientist working with complex samples such as food extracts, environmental extracts and/or forensic samples, please join us.

Bruker Daltonics