Efficient Microstructure Characterization of Metals using Light Microscopy
25 Sep 2018

Join this free webinar exploring challenges and solutions in light microscopy image analysis

A material’s properties are strongly linked to its microstructure, such as grain size, porosity, phase and non-metallic inclusions. Light microscopy is a powerful tool for evaluating a material’s microstructure, but extracting meaningful results using traditional image analysis can be challenging, especially for new materials or materials with multiple phases. For instance, magnetic materials being developed for use in electric motors consist of complex structures. Segmentation of these structures in different phases can prove difficult with traditional image analysis techniques. This webinar introduces a comprehensive solution for microstructure analysis and presents standardized techniques for metallography investigation. Learn how machine learning-based algorithms can be utilized to segment challenging images and help characterize functional materials and advanced metals.

  • What is important when choosing a microscope for metallography
  • What the challenges are in characterizing new materials with multiple phases
  • How to overcome these challenges with machine learning tools

  • Who should attend:

  • Researchers in materials science
  • People working in the field of metallography
  • People working in QA/QC for materials

  • All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, with a learning outcomes summary document for continuing education purposes.

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