Double your IDs for single cell proteomics using micro Pillar Array Columns (µPAC™)
13 May 2019

Recent technological innovations focus on profiling complex systems at the single-cell level. The rapidly advancing field of single-cell proteomics aims at comprehensively quantifying protein expression levels from individual mammalian cells, complementing single-cell transcriptomics and genomics analyses. A single mammalian cell contains about 0.3 pg of protein, which is 1,000 times less than what is commonly used in proteomics analysis. Robust analysis of very low input samples poses one of the key challenges to the development of new mass spectrometry-based proteomic workflows, including sample preparation techniques and instrumentation.

This webinar will explore the potential of newly emerging chromatographic technologies to significantly improve sensitivity for low input proteomics samples, as well as providing detailed experimental results as evidence.

Karl Mechtler head of the VBCF mass-spectrometer pool and the IMP/IMBA/GMI mass-spectrometry Facility Vienna, will present record protein identification data generated with PharmaFluidics' µPAC™ columns for single-cell proteomics analysis. Geert Van Raemdonck , global field support expert at PharmaFluidics, will give an introduction on the principles of micro Pillar Array Columns (µPAC™) and their benefits.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn the principles of micro-chip-based pillar array chromatography columns (µPAC™)
  • Understand the benefits and separation performance of µPAC™ columns for the analysis of complex and limited biological samples.
  • Discover how you can achieve record protein and peptide identifications data using µPAC™ chromatography for single-cell proteomics in comparison to conventional columns.
  • Learn about the unrivalled retention time stability features of µPAC™ in comparison to conventional columns.
  • Understand the compatibility of the µPAC™ Trapping column with the µPAC™ analytical