Cleaner: How to Ensure Effective, Reliable and Safe Cleaning Procedures in Your Laboratory
25 Oct 2017

Thorough, residue-free cleaning is essential for reliable processes. This applies to both laboratories and production facilities. Everything that comes into contact with chemicals or biological substances must be free of impurities, both before and after use.

This seminar illustrates characteristics of lab cleaning processes affected by regulations, standards and individual environments and requirements. It also covers essential application topics (e.g. validation procedures) and provides guidelines on how to carry out daily cleaning effectively, safely and with a focus on environmental protection.

What You Will Learn
Participants will learn about specifics of applicable cleaning standards. Furthermore, ways to improve cleaning process effectiveness will be explored, with a view to helping you achieve reliable analytical results. In this seminar, detergent characteristics and practical guidelines (e.g. validation methods) will also be covered, as well as application examples for individual cleaning processes.

Who Should Attend:
Staff and managers of chemical labs (e.g. quality control, research)

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany