Cell Counting Method Development for CAR-T Cell Therapy
06 Nov 2018

If you're a researcher involved in cell counting, you'll know just how important it is for all stages of cellular therapy. In particular, the need for an accurate and consistent cell counting method is crucial for development and manufacturing of CAR-T under GMP/GLP conditions. Assays are required to qualify selected cell counting methods to ensure robust and consistent cell measurement. Currently, manual counting using trypan blue and hemacytometer is still the most used method, however, there are several inherent issues that can cause inaccuracy in both cell count and viability. Utilizing both brightfield and fluorescence imaging, Cellometer automated cell counters have employed a fluorescent nuclear staining method for automated cell count and viability measurement. Furthermore, the Cellometer method has gone through rigorous qualification assays to provide rapid and accurate measurement of PBMCs, splenocytes, and apheresis samples at any stage of CAR-T cell therapy, from patient sample collection, transduction, to patient infusion.

This talk will cover:

  • What is the importance of cell counting in cell therapy?
  • What are the inherent issues of trypan blue and manual counting?
  • What are the sources of error using trypan blue?
  • What parameters should be investigated for qualifying your cell counting methods?
  • How does Cellometer fit into each step of the cell therapy process?
Who should attend:
Researchers in the immuno-oncology field, researchers in cellular therapy field, general researchers that count cells on daily basis.

Nexcelom Bioscience