Automate your ICP-OES analysis with powerful software tools
17 Oct 2017

Time pressure and sample throughput targets placed on laboratories make it critical that today’s chemical analysis instrumentation is not a bottleneck for promptly providing your customers their accurate elemental analysis results. This presentation will outline how automated tools and powerful software algorithms reduce the complexity of elemental analysis to the extent that ICP-OES analysis is simple, routine and reliable.

Attendees will learn how to streamline their elemental analysis from instrument start-up to shutdown by using the latest tools included for use with ICP-OES instrumentation.
Complex matrix analysis, like brine, will be used to illustrate some of the tools that enable operators to:

  • Automate instrument performance checks
  • Streamline method development
  • Minimize/eliminate ICP torch blocking issues
  • Maximize sample throughput
  • Maximize instrument uptime

Agilent Technologies