Are Water Contaminants Impacting Your Experimental Results? How to Select the Best Water Quality for Your Science
12 Jun 2018

Obtaining the best water quality for lab experiments is crucial to achieve reliable results, as water contaminants can significantly affect your analyses. This webinar will explore the importance of adapting the purity of the water you use in the lab to the type of experiment(s) you are performing. It will offer concrete examples of the impact of water contaminants on your analyses and explain how to improve your water quality.

In this webinar, presented by Estelle Riche (Global Application Specialist at Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany), you will learn about:

  • The potential impact of water contaminants on everyday laboratory uses
  • How lab water is purified, and the different types of water that can be obtained
  • How to select the best water purification solution to suit your needs
Who should attend
  • Any scientist using purified water for his/her experiments
  • Lab managers and anyone using or maintaining lab water purification systems