Advanced 3D cell models for cancer biology using real time live-cell analysis
15 May 2018

In the search for greater clinical translation, cancer researchers are increasingly turning to more complex live-cell assay systems that recapitulate key aspects of the tumor microenvironment. These include (1) more relevant tissue organization, (2) bio-matrices containing structural proteins and growth factors, and (3) the presence of stromal and immune cells. In this event, we describe integrated protocols and live-cell analysis solutions for different 3D tumor models, ranging from simple mono-culture single spheroid assays through to multi-spheroid tumor/fibroblast and tumor/immune cell co-cultures in a Matrigel biomatrix. In this webinar, expert industrial pharmacologist, Kalpana Patel, discusses how to: 1. Assemble 96-well 3D spheroid assays in both round-bottom ultra-low attachment microplates, and flat plates on a Matrigel base 2. Automatically acquire and analyze images over time, using the new IncuCyte S3 DF Brightfield modality and Spheroid module 3. Quantify tumor growth, morphology and viability, either label-free or with fluorescent cell health markers 4. Study the impact of stromal cells and immune cells on tumor biology in these 3D systems 5. Gain greater biological insight and productivity in your 3D tumor assays

Essen BioScience