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Water purification systems are used to supply labs with contamination-free water. Water purification systems are defined by the water grade they produce and there are 3 types. Type 1 water purification systems deliver ultrapure water suitable for HPLC, AAS, cell culture and other critical lab applications. Type 2 water purification systems deliver pure water suitable for general lab use and media / buffer preparation. Type 3 water purification systems use reverse osmosis to deliver primary grade water suitable for washing lab equipment, filling water baths or feeding autoclaves. Systems can be fitted with dispensers as well as point-of-use polishers and filters for additional purification. Replacement deionization cartridges are available for water purification systems. Find the best water purification equipment in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.
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FlowCam Cyano


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