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CD-Chex CD34®

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CD-Chex CD34 is a three-level process control for enumerating CD34 positive cells by flow cytometry. It requires no dilution and provides reference values similar to levels found in bone marrow, cord blood and mobilized patient samples.

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Great control for clinical stem cell evaluation.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Clinical stem cell quantitation/analysis

A great control for stem cell evaluation/quantitation. Have been using this product clinically for over 10+ years and results always fall within the desired range. Sales rep is great and checks in regularly. They do standing orders to ensure you get your product when you need it.

Review Date: 3 Feb 2021 | Streck

CD-Chex CD34 is a ready-to-use, positive procedural control for enumerating CD34 positive cells by flow cytometry. Designed to resemble a patient sample, CD-Chex CD34 contains human leukocytes, erythrocytes and CD34 positive cells with characteristics similar to human hematopoietic progenitor cells. This control does not require any dilution and offers 30-day open-vial stability, which eliminates the need to track thermal openings, and 90-day closed-vial stability, reducing the number of shipments, associated costs and time spent performing lot-to-lot correlation.

CD-Chex CD34 is compatible with flow cytometry systems using ISHAGE gating strategies for enumeration of CD34 cells and for the following commercially available enumeration kits: BD® Biosciences ProCOUNT™ Progenitor Cell Enumeration Kit, BD Stem Cell Enumeration Kit and Beckman Coulter® Stem-Kit.


  • Only commercially available CD34 control with three levels
  • No dilution required
  • Whole blood control- resembles patient sample
  • Compatible with flow cytometers using the ISHAGE protocol and enumeration kits
  • 30-day open-vial stability; 90-day closed-vial stability


  • Helps clinical laboratories meet quality requirements for CD34+ stem cell quantitation
  • Long shelf life reduces the number of shipments, associated costs and lot-to-lot correlations
  • Manufacturer established assay ranges – no need to verify range per CAP requirements
  • Access to STATS®, Streck’s free interlaboratory quality control program for peer group data comparison

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