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Top List: The Latest Applications of Mass Spectrometry

Prepare for the American Society for Mass Spectrometry(ASMS) Annual Meeting by discovering the many applications of mass spectrometry – from pesticide detection to imaging for cancer therapy

02 Jun 2016


SelectScience® will be providing global media coverage of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA. This conference will explore how mass spectrometry technology is developing and its many applications. In this article, discover some of the recent developments in mass spectrometry and new ways they are being applied.


1. Waters Reveals Packed Program for ASMS 2016

With this guide from Waters Corporation, experience the best of ASMS and learn about the latest innovations and developments in mass spectrometry, including the new Xevo TQ-XS that gives you levels of reliability, reproducibility, and performance never previously seen in quantitative analysis. Download the guide >>


2. Mass Spectrometry Workflow Automation Optimizes Clinical Analysis at Kings College Hospital, London

Clinical Scientist, Lewis Couchman, spoke to SelectScience about how advances in mass spectrometry workflow automation are improving results at a leading London Pathology Department. Read the interview to learn how evolving technology and advances in sample preparation and separation are enabling clinical laboratories to benefit from the improved efficiency and higher quality results that mass spectrometry can provide. Read more >>


3. Detecting Contaminants from Food Contact Materials Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Ed George, Thermo Fisher Scientific, describes the analysis of food contact materials. High resolution mass spectrometry enables the detection and identification of leached compounds into foodstuffs from packaging materials. Discover the range of instrument and software solutions available from Thermo Fisher Scientific, and how they can be applied to a food testing workflow. Watch the video >>


4. Pall Laboratory Celebrates 42nd Anniversary of Breakthrough Acrodisc® at ASMS 2016

Read about what to expect from Pall Laboratories at this year’s ASMS and what you can learn about its range of products for analytical sample preparation. Read more >>


5. Analysis of Geological Materials for Rare Earth Elements on the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite

This application note presents the analysis of geological reference materials, including rock, stream sediment and cement, regarding their REE content using ICP-MS and an Integrated Collision Reaction Cell to remove polyatomic interferences. Download the application note >>


6. Advantages of Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Cancer Therapy

Dr Arash Zarrine-Afsar, Techna Institute for the Advancement of Technology for Health at the University of Toronto, discusses the advantages of mass spectrometry imaging for tumor analysis and development of the technology for clinical applications, which could one day enhance therapeutic decision making. Watch the video >>


7. LECO Announces Special Events at ASMS

LECO Corporation will be at Booth #305 at ASMS 2016. Learn more about LECO's breakfast seminars taking place across the conference and how to register. Read more >>


8. Screening of Botanical Dietary Supplements Using NMR and Mass Spectrometry

Kimberly Colson’s group is focused on the botanical and herbal products industry, where it aims to bring improvements that help assess quality control. Watch this video to discover how NMR and Mass Spectrometry are used to screen botanical and dietary supplements. Watch the video >>



Discover more applications of mass spectrometry and new technology on the ASMS 2016 Special Feature page.


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