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PlasmaQuant MS Elite

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User friendly product bringing innovation to the field of research.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Metabolite in biological samples mainly for research purposes

It is a highly effective product with a flexible design and low running cost. HD quadrupole of the instrument helps in achieving superior mass separation. Three dimensional focusing and fully digital detection technology make it even more effective in research settings. Equipment is very useful effective and highly recommended. Service provided both at the time and after sale is prompt and friendly. Equipment is also user friendly. It is indeed an innovation in the field of research for many scientists including medical personel.

Review Date: 7 Dec 2020 | Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

PlasmaQuant MS Elite: The leading ICP-MS solution when it comes to ultimate sensitivity for targeted research applications. Possible applications are, among many others, isotope ratio determination (especially with low abundant isotopes), laser ablation for small spot sizes for best spatial resolution to isotope ratio analysis and single particle analysis for characterization of particles with smallest diameters.

PlasmaQuant MS Elite S: The solution for robust, high throughput analysis with best signal-to-noise ratio for demanding samples e.g. strongly acidic samples in semiconductor applications and the determination of rare earth elements down to parts per quadrillion range (ppq).

Various upgrade options and accessories enable you to customize the ICP-MS systems of the PlasmaQuant MS series even further to certain applications.

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