ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa by ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

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Your 3D submicron imaging system with breakthrough flexibility

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ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa
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  • Organization: CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory

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Limitless opportunities to explore various unresolved domains in material science.
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Polymers and biomaterials

"Zeiss Xradia 510 Versa was a versatile 3D X-ray imaging system with very high potential for imaging specimens with higher size (up to 5 cm) at higher resolution (spatial resolution > 1 micron). Other conventional 3D imaging systems or micro-CT's which we employed earlier had limitations in terms of the specimen size and resolution (6 microns). In-situ imaging can be performed with third-party accessories which enable 4D imaging capabilities. 3D datasets obtained from imaging can be utilized to perform voxel-based simulation, which provides value-added insights about your specimen, such as stress concentration, flow velocity, etc."

Review date: 27 Jan 2020 | ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa

Maximize the power of X-ray microscopy (XRM) with Xradia 510 Versa for flexible 3D imaging in a wide range of research environments.

Xradia 510 Versa achieves better than 0.7 μm true spatial resolution with minimum achievable voxel size below 70 nm. Experience increased versatility for soft or low Z materials with advanced absorption contrast along with innovative phase contrast to overcome the limitations of traditional computed tomography.

Achieve performance beyond micro-CT and extend scientific research past the limits of flat-panel systems. Where traditional tomography relies on a single stage of geometric magnification, Xradia Versa instruments feature a unique two-stage process based on synchrotron-caliber optics with a detection system optimized for resolution, contrast and high resolution at large working distances. With breakthrough ZEISS Resolution at a Distance (RaaD), you can accomplish unprecedented lab-based exploration for a diverse array of applications and sample types.


  • Preserve and extend the use of valuable samples with non-destructive 3D imaging
  • Achieve the highest resolution at the largest working distance from the source, a prerequisite for in situ and large sample imaging, with the unique Versa microscope design
  • Multi-length scale imaging of the same sample across a wide range of magnifications, <0.7 µm true spatial resolution and below 70 nm voxel size
  • Industry-leading 4D and in situ capabilities, supporting a wide variety of in situ rigs for submicron imaging of practical sized samples (mm to inches) with weight capability up to 25kg and sample size up to 300mm
  • Unique architecture with dual stage magnification enables easy navigation through multiple magnification detector system, continuous operation through automated multiple point tomography and repetitive scanning, and high speed reconstruction
  • Advanced absorption and phase contrast for low Z materials and soft tissue
  • Scout-and-Scan™ control system for easy-to-use workflow set-up ideal in multi-user environments
  • Minimal need for sample preparation
  • Optional Versa In Situ Kit organizes the facilities that support environmental chambers (such as wiring and plumbing) to enable maximum imaging performance and ease set-up 
  • Autoloader option enables you to program and run up to 14 samples at a time to maximize productivity, automate workflows for high volume scanning


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ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa by ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions product image

ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa

Manufacturer ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews