XM60 Moisture Analyzer by Precisa

Manufacturer Precisa
XM60 Moisture Analyzer

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XM60 Moisture Analyzer
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The Swiss made XM60 moisture analyzer from Precisa is the low-volume instrument for customers with low sample volumes and quantities. It is robust, perfectly accurate and simple to operate. Thanks to the high thermal values, moisture analyzer delivers quick and accurate results. Irrespective of your analysis criteria, the widest range of analysis options are at your disposal. The sturdy construction means the XM60 is perfect for all laboratory and  production environments.

Key Features

  • Moisture analysers, Moisture content determination,
  • Capacity 124g and readability 1mg with a high temperature range of 230°C in increments of 1°C.
  • Choice of radiation heat source: halogen, infrared, dark radiator
  • Memory storage of up to 20 methods


Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment, Academia, Forensic, Biology, Life Science, Quality Control, Agriculture & Environmental, Clinical, Grain, Catalyst, Food analysis.