xGen™ UDI-UMI Adapters by Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.  |   Model: 10006914
Single-use, TA-ligation-ready, full-length adapters

xGen™ UDI-UMI Adapters by Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. product image
xGen™ UDI-UMI Adapters
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xGen UDI-UMI Adapters combine the accuracy of unique dual indexing with the convenience of single-use format for a variety of sequencing applications on Illumina instruments. These full-length adapters contain 8-base unique dual indexes (UDI) that minimize read misassignment. An optional 9-base unique molecular identifier (UMI) can be used for quantitative assays or low-frequency variant detection. The adapters are available both unmethylated and methylated for bisulfite sequencing. Full-length adapters support PCR-free and PCR-amplified library preparation methods.

Our NGS quality control minimizes risk of misassignment

UDI is the current standard for data accuracy and confidence

UMIs are included for sensitive applications

Adapters are pre-configured and ready to ship