waveRAPID® by Creoptix AG

Manufacturer Creoptix AG
Speeding up the early stages of drug discovery is crucial to getting new medicines to the patients faster. On the commercial side, accelerating R&D will improve the profitability of new therapies and shorten time-to-revenue. Addressing those needs Creoptix is proud to introduce waveRAPID, the new way of measuring kinetics.  

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Instead of relying on a titration series, waveRAPID (Repeated Analyte Pulses of Increasing Duration) injects a single concentration, pulsing the sample over the sensing surface at increasing durations, meaning kinetics can be derived from a single well.

What are the benefits of waveRAPID?

With no need for serial dilutions or DMSO corrections, set-up time is significantly reduced, runs are faster, and wells are freed up to run more samples. In summary, waveRAPID offers the following benefits:

  • Save time and costs: more interactions in hours, not days
  • Get more insight: capacity to screen broad kinetic range
  • Run more samples: transform 96 well plate to 96 datasets
  • Ease-of-use: accelerate kinetic screen