WAVE - Creoptix™ WAVEsystem by Creoptix AG

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Keeping kinetics real: label-free data like you've never seen before

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Creoptix WAVEsystem

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Robust with multiple applications. Dependable results with high sensitivity.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analysis of high affinity interactions and their application in rapid diagnostic devices

"This is a great platform. Versatile and robust with super sensitivity and a broad detection range. It has made a big impact on our projects where we typically use it to explore complex binding interactions. The sensitivity allows you to create multiple layers on the chip without losing signal levels and a resolution to detect rapid kinetic changes. The support team are great to work with and really understand the technology applications to a level which makes communication and implementation of new ideas a simple and effective process."

Review date: 03 Jan 2020 | WAVE - Creoptix™ WAVEsystem

The Creoptix WAVEsystem, with 2-parallel channels, allows you to confidently detect and quantify biological interactions in real-time, providing both binding affinity and kinetics. Engineered around the sensitive Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology and equipped with no-clog microfluidics,  the WAVEsystem delivers high-quality kinetic data across a broader range of samples than traditional SPR equipment.

The Creoptix WAVEsystem is equipped with a temperature-controlled autosampler, designed to hold two (2) 48-vial trails, two (2) 96-well plates, two (2) 364- well plates or a combination thereof. With the WAVEcontrol software, every step from assay setup over data evaluation to report writing is simplified with an intuitive design that mirrors the way you work.


  • Reliable kinetics below 1 pg/mm2
  • Ultra-fast transition times (approx. 150 ms)
  • Reliable determination of off-rates up to 10/sec
  • Compatible with even the toughest samples


  • All sizes welcome. Screen, rank and characterize small analytes and fragments, including weak binders with fast dissociation rates (koff as high as 10/sec).
  • Kinetic profiling closer to real life. Assess drug performance in undiluted human blood serum and plasma samples. 
  • Broadest kinetic range. Quantify binding affinities (Kd) from low pM to high uM with confident kinetic analysis.
  • More than buffer. Explore more solubilization and purification conditions for membrane proteins, including viscous detergents, less common solvents, and different additives.
  • No clogging, regardless of the size. Analyze and characterize larger molecules (VLPs, liposomes) and aggregates (fibrils) without clogging-risk.
  • Tight binders welcome. Measure kinetics of high-affinity binders at low pM affinity (Kd) values.


  • Screening: off-rate, primary, fragment-based, small molecule campaigns.
  • Ligand interaction with membrane protein studies.
  • Pharmacology: kinetics in biofluids (blood serum, plasma) for drug potency assessment.
  • Biologics: characterization and quantification of antibodies at low limits of detection in biofluids or media.

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WAVE - Creoptix™ WAVEsystem by Creoptix AG product image

WAVE - Creoptix™ WAVEsystem

Manufacturer Creoptix AG  |  Available in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews