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Vivace™ Duo by PromoChrom Technologies

For high throughput processing of small volume samples
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Vivace™ Duo

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Fast, Light & Versatile

Vivace™ Duo Solid Phase Extraction system is a dedicated workhorse for the efficient handling of large batches of small biological, food and environmental samples. By running two positions simultaneously, the Vivace™ Duo is twice as fast as single-channel systems on the market. It has a user-friendly touch interface that can store up to 100 methods and apply up to 4 different methods for your sample batch.

Automated sample container rinsing is built-in to improve recovery for sticky compounds such as PFAS. The backdraw feature allows analytes to bypass the syringe pump to eliminate contamination. Other features include utilizing both sample/fraction tubes to double the sample/fraction capacity, automatic needle cleaning, cartridge drying and blockage detection. 


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