Versatile Lab Centrifuge by Accumax

Manufacturer Accumax  |  Available Worldwide
Made from a powerful brushless DC Motor, iFuge L400P is the epitome of efficient performance & durability

Versatile Lab Centrifuge by Accumax product image
Intuitive user interface

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iFuge L400P is the result of a research-intensive effort that resulting in a device which offers powerful, efficient performance with years of durability. The sheer versatility of the device due to a wide range of rotor makes it extremely useful across a wide range of requirements. Moreover, it can be easily programmed by the user to suit his unique needs with the user-friendly interface. Also, the brushless DC motor present in the device is dust-free and guarantees efficient performance without the need for constant maintenance.  

- More than 15 rotor options (swing & angle) for different work protocols

- 9 acceleration & 9 deceleration modes 

- High-performance Brushless DC motor for a maintenance-free long life. 

- Microprocessor control enables enhanced performance and efficiency.