Twist Universal Blockers by Twist Bioscience

Manufacturer Twist Bioscience
A single blocking solution for multiple adapter applications  

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Twist Universal Blockers
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In targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS), a blocking solution is used during probe hybridization to prevent non-specific hybridization between target enrichment probes and adapter sequences. Twist Universal blockers are designed to block multiple TruSeq-compatible barcode sequences and adapter
lengths. They can accommodate multiple projects and applications, eliminating the need to purchase multiple blocker products for TruSeq-compatible adapters with varied index designs.


Flexible Blocking Solution
• No need for adapter-specific blockers — blocks many different adapter designs
• Effective across singleplex and multiplex target enrichment workflows 
• Improves on-target capture regardless of panel size

Improved On-Target Capture
• Prevents cross-hybridization between TruSeq-compatible adapters
• Enhances the performance of target enrichment workflows

Maximized Efficiency
• Ready-to-use formulation
• Reduces per-sample sequencing cost