Twist Pan-Viral Panel by Twist Bioscience

Manufacturer Twist Bioscience
The Twist Pan-Viral Panel contains over 600,000 probes for the targeted enrichment of over 1,000 viral human pathogens from a single sample. It offers a simplified, efficient, and accurate method for screening patient samples to both improve diagnosis and track emerging viral infections.

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Twist Pan-Viral Panel
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Screen for Over 1,000 Viral Genomes in a Single Sample

  • Contains over 600,000 probes to screen for over 1,000 viral human pathogens
  • Sequences compiled from RefSeq; known to affect humans

Increase Accuracy and Sensitivity of Detection

  • NGS-based quality control of the probe library ensures high uniformity
  • High capture efficiency for sensitive, specific NGS-based identification
  • Circumvents the problem of low levels of virus within high levels of host genetic material

Save Time and Money

  • Eliminates the need for costly, timeconsuming PCR-based amplification or transcriptome-based sequencing approaches
  • Expedites diagnosis and simplifies tracking of emerging viral infections 

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