Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² Phosphodiesterase Assays by BellBrook Labs

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BellBrook Labs Transcreener ® AMP 2 /GMP 2 Phosphodiesterase Assays

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FP AMP/GMP Phosphodiesterase
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  • Application Area: Environmental Assesment

"The Transcreener AMP/GMP is very easy to use and is very sensitive. In the practical lab, it just take about 1 uM in a UV-based enzyme assay. This product is very useful for environmental assessment. "

Review date: 10 Mar 2014 | Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² Phosphodiesterase Assays
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  • Organization: University of Minnesota

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area:Drug Development

"The Transcreener AMP/GMP is extremely straightforward to use and is very sensitive. In a UV-based enzyme assay, I needed 1 uM enzyme to see a decent signal; however using the Transcreener AMP assay I only need 10 nM. Also, BellBrook Labs have been very helpful with assay development. Their representative (Meera) has been very willing to quickly help me get my assay up and running. Thank you Meera!"

Review date: 25 Feb 2014 | Transcreener® AMP²/GMP² Phosphodiesterase Assays

BellBrook Labs Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Phosphodiesterase Assays are available as a competitive fluorescence polarization or TR-FRET assay based on the detection of AMP or GMP. It is therefore compatible with any enzyme class that produces either AMP or GMP, including ubiquitin, SUMO, nucleic acid and protein ligases, phosphodiesterases (PDEs), and synthetases.

The Bell Brook Lab's Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Assay is a single step, homogeneous detection assay enabling the use of unmodified native substrate concentrations of 1 - 1000 μM. The assay provides excellent signal at low substrate conversion, with a Z’ ≥ 0.7 at 10% substrate conversion using 10 μM donor substrate.

Single-step reaction using unlabeled, native cAMP, cGMP and ATP substrates
No "in-the-dark" steps. No manual steps. No secret reagents.
Wide substrate concentration range [ 1 μM to 1000 μM]
Real-time or endpoint detection

Description Phosphodiesterases control a variety of cellular processes by hydrolyzing the second messenger signaling molecules cAMP and cGMP. The Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Assay is a far-red, competitive fluorescence immunoassay that detects the reaction products AMP or GMP. Enzyme reaction progress is indicated by a decrease in the fluorescence polarization signal.

The Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Assay is a simple two-step, endpoint assay accomodating cAMP/cGMP concentrations of 0.1 to 10 μM with a single reagent mix (up to 1 mM substrate has been used). The assay provides an excellent signal under initial velocity conditions resulting in overall Z’> 0.6. Although originally designed for PDEs that hydrolyze cAMP or cGMP, the Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Assay can be used for any enzyme class that produces either AMP or GMP (eg: a ligase reaction which converts ATP to AMP). Reduced development costs and accelerated drug discovery are achieved by utilizing this one simple streamlined screening method. The Transcreener® AMP2/GMP2 Detection Mixture comprises an AMP/GMP Alexa633 tracer bound to an AMP/GMP antibody, which is displaced by AMP or GMP, the products generated during PDE reactions.