Thermo Scientific™Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |  Available Worldwide
Compact bench top microplate mover with integrated barcode scanning for greater flexibility.

Thermo Scientific™Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Thermo Scientific™Orbitor™ RS2 Microplate Mover
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The Orbitor RS2 microplate mover increases efficiency as the centerpiece of various high-throughput automation operations:

  • Integrated barcode scanner enables sample tracking, barcode transmission and inventory management
  • Plate detection in the gripper helps to eliminate labware handling errors and reduces the risk of lost samples
  • Variable force settings based on plate type and sample weight make it compatible with many plate types and a broad range of applications

Orbitor RS2 is inherently safe, so can work in direct cooperation with a person in a defined, purposebuilt workspace without guarding or shielding.

Orbitor solutions can easily be upgraded in the field, either adding multiple devices for operation pooling or with sample preparation instrumentation. It also provides a wide selection of plate storage options, with combinations of sequential access stacks or random access hotels and storage carousels. Orbitor RS2 can also be placed on a track axis to capture even more of your evolving workflow.