Sysmex HST-N™ Total Hematology Automation System by Sysmex Europe GmbH

Manufacturer Sysmex Europe GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
The Sysmex HST-N automation platform includes a combination of a rack-based track system,Sysmex® XE-Series hematology instruments and the Sysmex SP-1000i™ Automated Hematology Slide Preparation Unit for slide making and staining.  This integrated system allows laboratories to improve productivity while delivering quality clinical data rapidly and consistently.

Sysmex HST-N™ Total Hematology Automation System by Sysmex Europe GmbH product image
Sysmex HST-N™ Total Hematology Automation System
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The HST-N automation system uses modular design and function to seamlessly integrate advanced hematology analyzer(s) and slide maker and stainer(s), producing a single operating workstation. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Proven and reliable automation track performance.
  • Configurable to meet laboratory testing needs now and build capacity for future.
  • Modular design allows for flexibility in operations and configuration - Automatically load balances operations when multiple primary testing instruments are available on the line.
  • Improves and standardizes testing turnaround time.
  • Continuous flow rack-based system treats every sample on the system as STAT.
  • Reduces biohazard exposure through closed-tube sampling and automated slide preparation.
  • Convenient onboard reagent storage for a clean and safe work area.

Modular design:

  • Allows system to be configured to provide maximum productivity, especially during peak workloads.
  • Enables load balancing and continuous operations between modules, especially during unexpected downtime situations.
  • Provides flexibility to access and operate a single module (e.g., body fluid analysis).
  • Supports upgrade path to add components.
  • Able to turn and bypass fixed laboratory objects (e.g., weight bearing pillar).

Robust, intelligent and reliable track:

  • Unique design allows the track to run only when a sample rack is sensed on the specific module .
  • Absence of unnecessary track movement means less environmental noise and less wear and tear on parts.
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation.