Syncore® Polyvap by Buchi

Manufacturer Buchi  |  Available Worldwide
The Syncore Polyvap enables the highest sample throughput in laboratory evaporation. Power users can benefit from high quality rotary evaporation of up to 96 samples in parallel.

Syncore<sup>®</sup> Polyvap by Buchi product image
The Syncore Polyvap for high-throughput rotary evaporation

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The Syncore Polyvap offers simultaneous rotary evaporation of up to 96 samples. The high-throughput instrument offers optimal process efficiency and time-saving benefits:

  • Highest sample throughput of up to 96 samples thanks to innovative “Vacuum Vortex parallel evaporation technology”
  • Direct collection of fractions for flash chromatography
  • Option to integrate solid phase extraction (SPE) to save time and reduce contamination risks
  • Lowest emissions with nearly 100% solvent recovery
  • Inhibition of boiling retardation thanks to variable orbital shaking
  • No need to use nitrogen leading to more cost efficiency and reduced emission levels
  • No risk of cross-contamination due to vacuum cover
  • Flexible sample volumes (0.5 to 500 ml) thanks to interchangeable racks
  • Optimized vacuum gradients that guarantee maximal flexibility and process speed
  • Applicable to high-boiling solvents due to heated cover and high boiling kit