SP8 FALCON by Leica Microsystems Europe

Manufacturer Leica Microsystems Europe  |  Available in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa
Lifetime imaging in an instant SP8 FALCON

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SP8 FALCON (FAst Lifetime CONtrast) is the future of functional imaging. Harness the power of fluorescence lifetime to investigate cellular physiology and explore dynamics in living cells. SP8 FALCON is the first truly integrated solution for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) and delivers benchmark results at least 10x faster than conventional systems. 

SP8 FALCON adds a new dimension of contrast to your imaging, opening the door to biosensing and tracking of interactions between proteins. FLIM information is now available for all modalities of the SP8 platform. 

Now you can:

  • Follow fast molecular interactions via FLIM-FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer)
  • Use biosensors to detect changes in metabolic state and microenvironment
  • Apply lifetime contrast to separate multiple fluorophores
  • Acquire fluorescence lifetime data with minimal training