Seismos NT.X by NanoTemper Technologies

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Measuring conformational changes and binding kinetics with surface acoustic waves.

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Seismos NT.X
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The Seismos NT.X offers a surface-based method to measure binding-induced conformational changes and binding kinetics. Since Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) is working acoustically, it overcomes the limitations of optical biosensor technologies, such as colored and turbid samples.

SAW technology quantifies changes in mass and conformation separately and offers new insights into molecular interaction mechanisms. Binding kinetics (kon, koff, and Kd) can be investigated for standard interactions as well as for complex samples including viruses, vesicles and membrane preparations.

The SAW technology is based on the precise detection of the properties of surface acoustic waves that travel along the biosensor. Upon interaction with molecules on the sensor surface, distinct characteristics of the acoustic waves are altered:

  • Changes in total mass on the biosensor result in a shift of the wave's phase. This phase shift provides information about the on- and off-rates, as well as the stoichiometry of the interaction.
  • An increase in flexibility of the molecules results in dampening of the wave's amplitude. This dampening directly reflects changes in the conformation of the immobilized molecules, e.g. after binding to compounds.

Both signal types are detected separately and can be used to comprehensively characterize the interaction mechanism of the molecules on a kinetic and structural level.


  • Binding-induced conformational changes.
  • Binding kinetics: kon, koff, Kd.
  • On-line sample loading.
  • Highest fluidic throughput: 8 sensors on two sensor chips.
  • Optimized for industrial applications.


  • Kinetics and conformational changes.
  • Stoichiometry.
  • Viruses, vesicles and membrane preparations in addition to standard interactions.
  • Turbid, colored and viscous samples.

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Seismos NT.X by NanoTemper Technologies product image

Seismos NT.X

Manufacturer NanoTemper Technologies  |  Available Worldwide

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