sciTEM for Material Sciences by Scienion

Manufacturer Scienion  |  Available Worldwide
sciTEM - sample preparation for electron microscopy

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Sample preparation for electron microscopy
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The sciTEM is an ultra-low volume liquid handling system specifically configured for dispensing multiple liquid samples onto TEM grids. Its high precision drive system allows for the placement of distinct samples as close as 100 µm to each other. The dispensing technology enables liquid volumes to be deposited onto fragile surfaces without damage to the sensitive grids.

  • Non-contact piezo dispensing of about 100 pL liquid volumes
  • Sophisticated image analysis to identify TEM grid placement in the holder
  • High-throughput characterization of nanoparticles
  • Multiplex Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

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sciTEM for Material Sciences by Scienion product image

sciTEM for Material Sciences

Manufacturer Scienion  |  Available Worldwide

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