sciREADER FL2 by Scienion

Manufacturer Scienion  |  Available Worldwide
sciREADER FL2 - high quality digital imaging of fluorescent assays with up to three colors

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High quality imaging of fluorescent assays

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The sciREADER FL2 enables high quality digital fluorescence imaging of various support formats. The sciREADER family comprises the most common detection formats and supports single parameter and multiplex assays. They have a small footprint and are integrable into robotic systems and LIMS / HIS. There is no need for external software - the whole process till the final customer specific report is handled automatically by the sciREAD software.

  • Up to 3 fluorescent channels for all commonly used red, green, and blue fluorescent dyes (default Cy5, Cy3, and FITC)
  • Customizable filter sets for specific fluorophores
  • Bottom white lighting for bar / QR code readin
  • 96 well plates, slides, membranes and custom biosensor formats up to SBS plate format

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sciREADER FL2 by Scienion product image


Manufacturer Scienion  |  Available Worldwide

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