ScanDrop² by Analytik Jena GmbH

Manufacturer Analytik Jena GmbH  |  Available Worldwide
Efficient, Robust Spectrophotometer  

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Efficient, robust UV/VIS spectrophotometer

  • Precise: UV/VIS adsorption measurements between 190 nm and 1000 nm
  • Optimum: CCD detector for optimized resolution ≥ 1.2 nm
  • Powerful: Tests take 30 ms per spectrum/sample for fast results
  • Long-lasting: Highly precise, fiberless optical system combined with a powerful xenon flash lamp

Innovative design for reliable handling

  • Simple: Easy handling—just pipette the sample and take your measurement
  • Intelligent: Rotating mechanism opens instrument for optimum access and view of the 10” tablet PC
  • Brilliant: 2D scanning area adaptable to different center heights
  • Versatile: Interchangeable adapters prevent contact between samples and the optical system

Flexibility for adapting to a variety of demands

  • Compatible: Interchangeable adapters available for microliter measurement cells and standard cuvettes
  • Versatile: Highly precise measurements with or without consumables
  • Practical: Walk-away principle applies to everything from individual samples to simple series of samples
  • Reliable: Entirely eliminates evaporation, cross-contamination and sample carryover effects

Reliable data capture and simple evaluation

  • Modern: Standalone operation from an integrated 10” tablet and/or PC
  • Convenient: No charge for software licenses or updates
  • Universal: A variety of modules and preinstalled methods for customized data processing
  • Multilingual: Available in multiple languages


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ScanDrop² by Analytik Jena GmbH product image


Manufacturer Analytik Jena GmbH  |  Available Worldwide

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