SB-1 Homogenizer by PRO Scientific, Inc.

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Silent, Brushless Digital Homogenizer

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SB-1 Homogenizer

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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: RNA Isolation from tissue

"Very happy with this product. Use, cleaning, and maintenance all very easy. Customer service has been great."

Review date: 20 Nov 2017 | SB-1 Homogenizer
The 120V SB-1 Homogenizer's brushless motor guarantees numerous years of maintenance free operation as it has no carbon brushes, so it runs cleaner and quieter.  
This allows end-users to operate without ear plugs or without the annoyance of louder noise heard from brush type homogenizers.  The SB-1 homogenizer's brushless design makes it ideal for processing volatile or flammable organic compounds and buffer too.
The SB-1 homogenizer can be used for disruption of tissues samples in biotechnology, sample preparation in medicine, enzymatic treatment in the food industry as well as various applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint, petro chemical, and other industrial applications.  PRO generator probe range in diameter from 5mm to 20mm, it can process samples from 0.05ml to 1.5L*. Requires a generator probe to use. Stand is included with the Homogenizer. PRO Homogenizing Equipment is made in the USA.
  • Max sample size: 3.5 L
  • Speed: 0 to 30,000 rpm
  • Quiet maintenance free drive
  • Digital display & variable speed control
  • Perfect for clean room applications
  • 0.05ml - 1.5 L* volume range and viscosity up to 5,000 mPas
  • Made in the USA with a 2-year warranty 
*Higher volumes dependent on viscosity level.

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SB-1 Homogenizer by PRO Scientific, Inc. product image

SB-1 Homogenizer

Manufacturer PRO Scientific, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews